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Healthcare Industry

Comparing the evolution of changes of data warehousing in healthcare industry in the early 90’s where patient’s records were written down in hardcopies and were filed accordingly to alphabetical orders in their registry, in the result when retrieving of data could wait up to as long as 30 days and lots of space had been taken out for storing these papers. In the 20’s they came out individual system such as EMR, e-CRM, e-pharmacy, etc to keep track of various data in their system although retrieving of data had greatly improved but still not effective due to records that had been found are required to print out and delivery by hands to the respective health professional. (Cited, 20 June 2011)

To further enhancement the healthcare data warehouse, by using the SAP Netweaver 2004s they implemented the Collaborative Health Network (CHN) also known as the eHealth which currently used in USA, Canada, South America, Europe and Asia. Depending on the network setup; public health agencies, pharmacies, private & government clinic or even global hospital could link up to through this system (Fig 2.1). Fig 2.1

Fig 2.1

How it works
The primary function of this system is patients information are instantaneously updated and shared amongst all participating facilities to through Master Patient Index (MPI), Electronic Health Record (EHR) and it’s security is secured by Health Professional Index (HPI) (Fig 2.2).

1) The Master Patient Index (MPI) contains demographic data about a patient: name, aliases, age, affiliation, addresses, known IDs, and insurance data. Anything that can assist in identification is in the MPI. The MPI consolidates all your information across the network, to ensure no duplication and one unique clinical history that will be saved in EHR.

2) The Electronic Health Record (EHR) is where CHN stores summarized data about the clinical...

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