Communications Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 Exam Questions

1. Which of the following is an example of interpersonal communication?
A. Writing a letter to a column in a magazine
B. Asking a server in a restaurant for a glass of water
C. Talking to your parents about difficulties paying for school
D. Asking someone at the help desk at your hotel for directions Correct Answer: C (found on page 3)
It is essential to know the difference between interpersonal and impersonal communication. Impersonal communication is when you treat someone like an object, and you communicate with their supposed role in society rather than their individual person. Interpersonal communication is the way by which we maintain personal relationships. Interpersonal communication occurs most likely with someone that you know, and depends on what you know about them as an individual.

2. True of False: The social information processing theory states that we can communicate rational and emotional messages via the Internet, and that it will not take longer than it would to express these messages with facial expressions and tone of voice. Correct Answer: False (found on page 21)

Social media is a huge part of our current culture. People today, especially those of a younger age, often find it normal to document every detail of their daily lives online to share with people they barely know. While social media can be a great way to stay in contact with friends or relatives that live far away, or keep up to date with the lives of those you care about, it is important to remember the value of talking face-to-face. Text messages and tweets can be misinterpreted in their meaning because the reader in unable to hear the tone of voice or observe the body language of the sender. These subtle cues are a valuable part of communication, and we have been learning how to interpret them since the day we were born.

3. The media richness theory suggests that the richness of a communication channel is based on all of the...
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