Communication Scenarios

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Communication Scenarios
Organizational Behavior

Business Communications
People communicate in different ways every day. Communication helps individuals convey his or her wants, needs, demands and desires. In Business communication it is essential to the success of the company. Effective business communications can help the company attain unrealized potential and success. Different types of communication can be used in different ways to convey the message to employees, stock holders, managers, executives, and the board of directors. Effective communications have become a major indicator for the success of many companies. With rapidly changing technologies the need to communicate effectively is an absolute necessity in today’s global economy. The following three scenarios offer ways for employees and companies to communicate and convey the business message through effective communications. Scenario one

You are the marketing manager for a new beverage that has done remarkably well in the United States after its introduction, especially in sports arenas such as football and basketball. The Vice President of operations charged you and your team to develop a strategy for entering this new beverage into the global market. You need to take this task back to your team, provide them with the product details, and get them started as quickly as possible because they only have one week to develop a strategy.

What communication channel will you use? The communication channel that will work the best for the introduction of the new beverage is strategically placed print ads and also television commercials during soccer events in the new global market the company is trying to reach. Research has proven that the beverage ads, in basketball, and football games has been very successful. Introducing the beverage to a global market needs to be done on a scale large enough to reach the highest number of sports enthusiasts possible. The soccer market in countries...

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