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Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Communication, Emotion Pages: 3 (901 words) Published: June 25, 2013
Directions: On a green or blue scantron mark the correct answer for each question. Due Friday 4/19/13 1. If I say you do not have to respect your parents if they are mean to you, Asians would likely hear this as which of the following? a. Semantic noise

b. Cultural noise
c. Relational noise
2. One third of all the homeless are children. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy, the most important need not being met for these children is: a. Safety needs
b. Belonging needs
c. Self-Actualization needs
d. Basic survival needs
3. It is impossible to not communicate.
4. Emotional intelligence means you just understand what you are feeling and how you should react. 5. Technology has led your generation to seem more connected but actually be lonelier. 6. It is possible to think yourself into having better self-esteem. 7. When you compare yourself to others, you usually compare up and thus feel badly in comparison. 8. The two emotions we allow men to have are anger and sadness. 9. If you do not allow yourself to feel and express all your emotions you will turn to an addiction for distraction. 10. Some addictions are worse than others.

11. Courage and awareness are the gifts we get from fear. 12. In the communication process, it is the receiver who is most important because they provide a response. 13. Interpersonal communication is between only 2 people. 14. Anything that gets in the way of a message is called feedback. 15. If a relationship is made up of one partner that has a high need for affection and the other has a high need for inclusion that is likely to be a compatible match. 16. People who have a high need for control are bossy.

17. The best way to get over a loss is just to give it time; time heals grief. 18. If you are consistently sad for three or more weeks with no moments of happiness, you may have the beginning of chemical...
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