Communication Cycle

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Anita Witek
10-12-2012 P1-P2Explain the role of effective communication and interpersonal interaction in a health and social care context. M1

Group communication
In groups’ communication there are different people, some of them may like to talk a lot or be shy to talk. To make a group communication working everyone needs to be involved, and have some rules such a as when someone is talking no one is talking and everyone should listen to each other and have their own opinion or point of view. In heath and Soccial care setting group communication is used in everyday life. This is because the colleagues have group chats to discuss what they need to do (Collins Education, 2012).

Formal communication is when two people are talking to each other using the service. For example: when a person has a doctor appointment or being at work place and talk to your supervisor. The formal communications often stars with welcome such as ‘good morning’. In a health and social care setting formal communication is used nearly every day. This is because the workers talk to each other to pass on information and confirm certain things. (Collins Education, 2012).

In formal communication it’s hard to use with different social groups because everyone is different and everyone in groups or family and friends are using different type of method to communicate which is in formal communication. Sometimes people may do not understand each other when they are using in formal communication. In a health and social care setting in-formal communication can be difficult to use. This is because in a care home everyone is different and they come from different backgrounds. If there family or friends came to visit them in the care home in-formal communication would be used more as they are familiar with them. (Collins Education, 2012).

One-to one
For me it’s the same as face to face which means, person is talking to another person. Some of the people for example me I prefer one to one communication because I feel more relaxed and no nervous also I can look to someone eyes which shows the concentration and respect and listen carful also people may be friendly by smiling and start the nice conversation which may start from interact each other. In a health and social care setting one-to-one communication is used when the nurse needs to speak to the patient. It will be just the nurse and patient talking and if the patient needs to ask any questions they will feel comfortable as it is just them and the nurse. When other people are around the patient may not feel as comfortable because they do not want other people finding out about their needs. (Collins Education, 2012).

Text messaging
Most of the people are using text messaging to communicate specially teenagers; this is the quickest way to communicate with another person. However there are some disadvantages about text messaging which is the cost if people do not have a free text they need to control the balance, the second example is a network not always you can get a text and another example is people who are receiving a text it may do not understand someone feeling. In a health and social care setting text messaging may be used when the carers need to communicate with each other. This would be easier for them to text each other instead of walking around the building trying to find the person they want to give a quick message to. (Collins Education, 2012).

Music and Drama
Music and Drama is used in communication, some people may prefer to show the expression by acting or writing the song. The music communicate most with teenagers, for boys they mostly like to hear and communicate with a rap music and girls are mostly listen to the love songs when they have bad days. However the classic music is making the relaxed conversation. In a health and social care...
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