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This essay will introduce and define the different types of communication such as verbal, non-verbal, written and discuss the different barriers which affect the process of communication between individuals. Communication is defined as a process of exchanging/receiving: ideas, information, thoughts and emotions (Svecz, 2010). Communication is a universal skill people use every day in order to do converse with one another and do daily tasks. There are three main components to the communication process: a sender, a message and a receiver (Miller and Nicholson, 1976). Communication is only considered effective when the purpose of the message from the sender is very clear and understood by the recipient (Blair, 2009). However this model of the process does not take into account the complexities of communication. In Nursing, communication can considered more complicated due to the fact that patients may misinterpret a nurse’s message. Since nurses communicate with patients on a daily basis, there are external factors which can affect this process such as the environment, method of communication and beliefs of the patient. These factors can be classed as ‘noise’ which can be physical, physiological, psychological and semantic (DeVito, 2002). Therefore it is important for nurses to take into account these factors to communicate effectively and ensure the patient receives the message accurately. There are several forms of communication, which we can use to exchange information with one another, these mainly being: verbal, non verbal and written. Verbal communication is normally a face-to-face conversation between two people. In other words, it is the spoken, oral and unwritten way of communication (Aarti, 2002). This usually involves the way in which we talk upon pitch, speed, voice modulation, clarity, volume of speaking and the language (Haliday, 2010). To communicate effectively, a nurse should be able to converse with the patient in a way which they do not...

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