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Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines communication as a process through which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signals, or behavior. There are many aspects that help to define the process of communicating effectively. Communications can be defined as the expression of thoughts from one person to another, the exchange of ideas, or simply the process of telling someone or something. It can be used to send a message, give information, and transfer ideas. The key to communicating effectively includes the end result of the individual getting your message. There are many signs that show the result of effective communication. These signs include getting the desired result, getting a response, a good understanding of what was meant. The physical signs of effective communication can include the way the individual looks at the communicator or a nod of the head. The elements of effective communication are contained in a cycle that involves the sender sending a message to the receiver who in turn provides feedback that provides the sender with the knowledge that the message was properly understood. On a daily basis communication involves many different people. This can include friends, peers, supervisors, people in other agencies, and people in other organizations. There are three main types of communication, upward, downward, and lateral. Upwards communication is when one must communicate to those who are above oneself in the overall chain of command. Upwards communication involves communicating with a supervisor or anyone else that is higher up in rank. Upward communication is very important because it allows an individual to get support from their advisor, it gives the individual a chance to provide their supervisor with ideas, a chance to give the upper administration feedback, and it serves to keep the...
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