Topics: Communication, Cross-cultural communication, Decision making Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: November 1, 2013
The 8 steps of the American Management Association problem solving and case analysis process are discovery, analysis, deeper analysis and questioning, generating solutions, evaluating solutions, decision making, expansion, and measurements. I believe every single step is important and contribute greatly to the success of the problem solving. The problem simply cannot be resolved without one step or another. However, there are certain steps that I do believe are on a bigger caliber than others. I believe the decision making step is the most important. Once various solutions are generated, they need to be evaluated to create the best possible outcome. All the hard work up until the decision making step needs to be put into consideration, because one wrong decision could change the entire ball game. Companies succeed because they work together as a team to make decisions together. These decisions will prove the viability and longevity of the company. It is extremely important to look at all possibilities and choose a decision with evidence to back up that claim.

Language barrier is a real issue and one that we all must come to understand and learn from in order to be successful in communication in any situation. It is important in a global business sense as well as providing optimal services to patients in a healthcare setting. We all come from different corners of the world and English is not everyone’s first language. Intercultural communication is especially important in America because we a considered a melting pot. One of the most important steps in intercultural communication is removing stereotypes. It is much easier said than done because we are all guilty of prejudice by nature. In order to avoid stereotyping, we must understand that person’s culture and techniques in how they communicate. Because of the spoken language barrier, body language becomes extremely important. When we talk to that person, it is very important that we pay...
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