Commerce Education

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Commerce Education

At present most of the major industries of the world are controlled and owned by the developed western countries. To overcome lack of Entrepreneurship in Pakistan, it is imperative for us to promote ‘Advanced Commercial Education’ in our country.

Modern Business and Commerce Education cover diversified fields of education and research in Management, Finance, Marketing, Accounting and Commercial & Business Law. In industrialized countries, Commercial Education is organized on dynamic and systematic lines. Their experts are able to plan and design finances, establish and operate big factories in months while in Pakistan, it takes years to do so. Unfortunately in our country commerce was not given a fair chance as education or as profession. In past, we treated it inferior to Medicine and Engineering in every respect

In order to attain Economic Growth, one needs professional Economists and Accountants with advanced practical training to evaluate and analyze the complexities of the large scale financial management. In this era of mass production and large scale industries, we need trained and qualified managers to control huge financial investments, production and labour as the requirement has become a science. Commercial experts have to play another very important role in the field of Salesmanship and proper advertisement. In this cut-throat competitive world, extensive Salesmanship and Advertisement are necessary tools to maintain a challenging position in the market.

Keeping in view the above facts and demand of the time, prospects of Commerce as Education and Profession seems very bright in Pakistan. To avail the advantage of this requirement, a lot of people have opened educational institutions to educate students in the field of Commerce and Management. Despite of the fact that many educational institutions are producing good number of graduates in commerce, the required achievements in coping with the requirement of generating...
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