Choosing the Sex of Your Baby

Topics: Pregnancy, In vitro fertilisation, Gender Pages: 1 (303 words) Published: November 28, 2010
Choosing the Sex of Your Baby

Dr. Aaron Miller

English Composition 115

Shanelle Gayden

“Choosing the Sex of Your Baby” is a great article that I just read for English 115. This article cross examines the issues that would come along with choosing the sex of your baby. Choosing the sex of your baby is a topic many couples discuss. This article discusses biomedical science, the parental view, and the society’s view. The American Society has just endorsed in vitro fertilization techniques to help parents determine the sex of their child. This issue is argued and raises ethical concerns. One of the main concerns is parents will possibly want to change other genetics such as eye color. The arguments raised from choosing the sex of your baby are parents would prefer a certain gender order and force gender discrimination. Parents plead that they should have maximum freedom to choose reproductive matters and it causes no harm. Parents believe that it is fair to choose the sex of the second child. Choosing the gender will be a very costly procedure. Cost will play a major role in who would actually be able to take advantage of this procedure. The society is amongst competitive pressures in the fertility industry. The methods that would be used raises concern. This issue remains complex because it involves discarding embryos based on the sex. Gender discrimination is also a factor. Society stands in a neutral position with the outlook of the scientific and parental view. Choosing the sex of your child leads to issues that will affect the society. To determine ones sex through science, while creating the perfect family according to gender. It is clearly not an overnight decision. Although choosing the sex of your baby seems so simple, this clearly can lead to ethical concerns.
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