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Topics: Meal, Woolooware, New South Wales, Management Pages: 3 (712 words) Published: March 26, 2014
Business Description
Grills is a small chicken shop situated in Woolooware. It is a sole trade business that is run by a couple Spiro and Anastasia. The business is based on selling fast and easy foods to local and sometimes not so local people and is catered for families and also just individual people looking for something to eat, either something light and small or even a meal.

At Grills there is a wide range of affordable meals and snacks, it is tasty, fresh, hygienic and has fulfilling meals. The meals are easy to consume and they have just in time services. Grills is very tidy and has a orderly space set up for the customers.

Grills is located on Wills Rd in Woolooware. The location of the shop is very convenient to local residents and other shops owners nearby. It is also convenient to school children as it is located right across the road from Woolooware Primary School and isn’t too far of a walk from Woolooware High School.

Grills has some strengths some of which include that it has a success of having continual customers, good quality food, friendly staff, cleanliness of the shop, parking spaces provided and it is also easily recognisable through signage which is located out the front of the shop.

Management Approaches:
The management approaches used at Grills would be the planning, organising and controlling of the business. These things include for planning the preparation of each of the tasks that are set each day for the business which are the preparation of the food and beverages, also to make sure the work place is tidy and that there is enough drinks in the fridge and food in storage or the cool room. Another type of planning that is required is the plan for long-term and short-term success of the business, for example to have long-term success Grills could keep updating the menu and the internal and external signage.

For the organising of the business is to translate plans and goals into action....
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