Business Correspondence

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Lesson 14

Business Correspondence

In our day to-day life we exchange our ideas, thoughts and other information with our friends, relatives and other people. Sometimes we directly talk to them and sometimes we also write letters to them. In letters we express our feelings in a few words, we may ask for any information or we may write about a complaint in connection with our problems. Similarly businessmen also exchange ideas, information by writing letters. They communicate business information to customers, suppliers and others and at the same time receive a variety of letters from them. In this lesson let us know about different types of letters used in the process of business transactions.

14.1 Objectives
After studying this lesson, you will able to:
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state the meaning of Business Correspondence; explain the importance of Business Correspondence; describe the essential qualities of a good business letter; identify the various parts of a business letter; and recognize the different types of letters used in business.

14.2 Meaning of Business Correspondence
Communication through exchange of letters is known as correspondence. We communicate our feelings, thoughts etc. to our friends and relatives through letters that may be called personal correspondence. A Businessman also writes and receives letters in his day to-day transactions, which may be called business correspondence. Business correspondence or business letter is a written communication between two parties. Businessmen may write letters to supplier of goods and also receive letters

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from the suppliers. Customers may write letters to businessmen seeking information about availability of goods, price, quality, sample etc. or place order for purchase of goods. Thus, business letters may be defined as a media or means through which views are expressed and ideas or information is communicated in writing in the process of business activities.

14.3 Importance of Business Correspondence
Now-a-days business operations are not restricted to any locality, state or nation. Today production takes place in one area but consumption takes place everywhere. Since the businessmen as well as customers live in far off places they don’t have sufficient time to contact each other personally. Thus, there arises the need for writing letters. In the past the situation was not so. Business letters were not essential in olden days. But now the importance of letters has increased because of vast expansion of business, increase in demand as well as supply of goods. Let us learn about the importance of business letters. i) Help in maintaining proper relationship

Now-a-days business activities are not confined to any one area or locality. The businessmen as well as customers are scattered throughout the country. Thus, there is a need to maintain proper relationship among them by using appropriate means of communication. Here business letters play an important role. The customers can write letters to the businessman seeking information about products and businessmen also supply various information to customers. This helps them to carry on business on national and international basis. ii) Inexpensive and convenient mode

Though there are other modes of communication like telephone, telex, fax, etc. but business information can be provided and obtained economically and conveniently through letters. iii) Create and maintain goodwill Sometimes business letters are written to create and enhance goodwill. Businessmen at times send letters to enquire about complaints and suggestions of their customers. They also send letters to inform the customers about the availability of a new product, clearance sale etc. All this results in cordial relations with the customers, which enhances the goodwill of the business. iv) Serves as evidence

We cannot expect a trader to memorise all facts and figures in a conversation that normally takes place among...
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