Bshs 332 Ethical Dilemma in the Workplace

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Ethical Dilemmas in the Workplace

Michele Wallace


July 10, 2013
Sean Jones

Ethical Dilemmas in the Workplace

There are many different types of ethical dilemmas in the workplace. For example, conducting personal business on company time, taking credit for other’s work, harassment from coworkers or management, high pressure sales and theft* I have been in the situation to experience each one of these at my former job, Petsmart. Even though they are a large corporate company there are problems that fall through the cracks. Conducting Personal Business on Company Time

It clearly states in the employee handbook, “no soliciting”. This would include fundraisers, selling products like Avon, Tupperware, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, etc. There have been numerous occasions that I have witnessed coworkers passing out brochures or catalogs trying to sell products. I never realized this was a code of ethics violation, because I never gave it much thought until this class. According to an article I read, most people spend more time at work during the day and it is tempting for the employee to conduct personal business at work. Examples that was listed included selling items, planning a vacation, making doctor’s appointments and using the company computer for social networking (Rafner, 2012). Taking Credit for Other’s Work

There have been times when I was asked to take part in a team building assignment. I was on the safety and loss team. The manager involved with the team on several occasions took credit for ideas that came from me and the other team members. There were times when the manager was not even present for the meetings. She never praised us for the work we did, nor did she acknowledge our input to the upper management. This was very discouraging. I felt as if I was not taken seriously by upper management, and my supervisor received...

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