Barriers to Effective Communication

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Barriers to Effective Communication
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Barriers to Effective Communication
Effective communication is a complex phenomenon that involves the verbal and nonverbal components in their cooperation. The main target of communicational process is transmission of information when the sending party wants the recipient to decode the message in the same way as it is coded. Nevertheless, the communicational process consists of the various components that may become the barriers for understanding. The workers of the law enforcement and criminal justice facilities also may face some problems that are connected with communicational problems and thus they need to dedicate special attention to various elements of communication. Understanding the constituents of communication, mastering the barriers to communication, and practicing the strategies that help to eliminate them can create a professional communicant.

The process of communication can be divided into the following elements: context, sender or encoder, message, medium, recipient or decoder, and feedback. All of the constituents have their roles in communication and thus they all are important in order to transmit the information correctly. Communication highly depends on the context of the process, for instance the cultural or historical features, and has to be considered by the sender. The sender of the message conveys the certain information but he/she also employs the words, language of the body, and other kinesics that influence the process. The message is the actual information that is going to be sent from the encoder to the recipient. The medium also plays an important role in communication while the oral and the written medium of communication have different features and impacts. The message is aimed to be received by the decoder who has to understand it and provide the feedback. In the effective communication it is important to take into consideration the length of the...

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