Award In Education Training 6502

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Award in Education and Training
(City and Guilds 6502)

Level 3


Assignment construction kit

This belongs to:

‘Andragogic Education’ - Aned Ltd. 11 Church Road, Great Bookham. KT233PB



Constructing your Award in Education and Training portfolio

Guide to writing Award in Education and Training answers
3 & 4

Assessment record form

A) Unit 301 – requirements and assessment criteria

B) Unit 302 – requirements and assessment criteria

C) Unit 305 – requirements and assessment criteria

Portfolio, completion tracking and submission details

Constructing your Award in Education and Training portfolio

You will be developing a portfolio of evidence, structured using this assignment construction kit, containing the following key aspects;

1) CV (Curriculum Vitae);

2) Assessment Record – just complete your personal details;

3) ASSIGNMENT FRONT SHEETS & FEEDBACK RECORDS to be signed by you and to front your answers to EACH of the three UNIT assignments;

4) Your answers (and evidence for unit B - 302) for the each of the three unit assignments.

Guide to writing - Award in Education and Training assignment answers

You need to word process all your answers, where appropriate (to demonstrate your IT skills). Whilst preparing your answers for the assignments, you can send any draft work (answer by answer is usually best) by email to see if you are ‘on the right track’. Formal feedback will be given and you will have the opportunity to ‘tweak’ your work and resubmit it, for up to three times for the same piece of work.

Just a note about the structure of assignment answers. You will help; the assessor, the internal and external verifiers if you make it clear which question and part of the question you are addressing, by using headings and sub-heading where appropriate. This assignment construction kit should allow you to do this easily.

Use of the underpinning educational theory is a MUST

You need to demonstrate to your assessor, the verifiers and City & Guilds that you have absorbed the course content by interweaving references to the educational theories and strategies where appropriate. If you don’t, you will not be able to pass the assignments.

For example, explain WHY you would use various teaching strategies, with reference to any theories where appropriate. Remember that the key theories examined on the course were:

a) Andragogy (learner centred) verses Pedagogy (teacher centred);

b) The 4 learning styles and being able to provide a variety of activities within your lesson to address the four Learning Styles (where appropriate) – i.e. andragogic rather than pedagogic teaching methods involving student centred learning strategies with pair and group work - where appropriate;

c) Blooms Taxonomy of Learning Designing a logical progression in the work you make the students undertake, i.e. Bloom’s ‘steps’ in the Learning Domains (Cognitive – head, knowledge, Affective – heart, attitudes and the ‘social experience’ and the Psychomotor domain – hands, physical skills – if and where appropriate) – i.e. giving your learners the ‘opportunities to use their abilities’;

d) Stimulating intrinsic motivation (Herzberg) – and addressing the affective domain (social situations – through pair/group work and student centred learning) – i.e. creating a challenging, interesting and engaging learning environment based on respect for your learners (acknowledging their existing knowledge and experience);

e) All the above are included in the 6 P’s; i.e. proper planning & preparation prevents poor performance – evidenced in your, scheme of work, lesson plan and preparation of your resources for the session;

Level Descriptors

The descriptors provided below should be applied to knowledge evidence by learners, tutors, assessors and quality assurance....
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