Analysis of a Quote in Romeo and Juliet

Topics: Emotion, Romeo and Juliet, Feeling Pages: 2 (751 words) Published: April 9, 2014
“but come what sorrow can… …Then love-devouring Death do what he dare” - Romeo in Act 2, Scene 6 (Friar Lawrence’s cell), page 85, lines 3 and 7 Representation of Conflict – “come what sorrow can” could be seen to foreshadow the conflict yet to come and present itself in the play. But Romeo could be seen to be currently happy and by saying this he doesn't care about what the future holds as long as he is with Juliet he will be happy. Showing that Romeo is unaware of what will happen yet the audience/reader knows exactly what their fate holds. Foreshadowing – The word “sorrow” and the phrase “love-devouring Death” can be seen to foreshadow the lovers “death”. It shows that their “love” is bound In death as they are about to be bound in marriage. The word “sorrow” can foreshadow the tragedy and sadness which comes after their deaths from their families, friends and loved ones. And “love-devouring Death” could show that their love WILL end in death and there is nothing they can do about it, which the reader/audience already know due to The Prologue which in literature terms is called dramatic irony. “Death” can be seen to foreshadow the poison of their fake death and eventual real deaths and can be seen as a villainous character throughout the play, who foreshadows ALL conflict within ‘Romeo and Juliet’s’ tragedy. Oxymoron – “love-devouring Death” is an oxymoron as again, “love” and “Death” are being displayed in a text within the same sentence. “love-devouring Death” could imply that “Death” is “devouring” for the feeling of “love”, which could imply that “Death” as a character is the murderer of everything good in Verona. “Death” also cannot feel, so it cannot therefore “devour” “love” showing how the effect of this juxta position is vital to the sentence structure and the feeling it gives the reader/audience. It adds extra effect and is vitally important in the writing of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ as it shows how complex Shakespeare's writing was and what emotions...
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