Business 620 Managerial Marketing Assignment 1

Topics: Economics, Marketing, Want Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: April 22, 2013
When a business or an organization take a turn for the worse, some believe that there is no turning back. I believe in possibilities; even when the door and or window are completely shut. “Where there is a will, there is a way.” In order to bring life back into the business, passion and love must be present by the CEO. The CEO has to be passionate about the business as well as love it. These two elements have to be unconditional; therefore when business is at its lowest, passion and love can elevate it back to a prosperous level. Although passion and love are abstract, they can be seen by actions. Every reaction is sparked by an action. The actions carried out by the CEO of the company should trigger an interest in those working under him/her. They will be concerned about the company and how can they recover from the low state they are in. They will try new methods, test the markets, and get feedback from its consumers. A consumer loves to feel appreciated and like to know that their best interest is at heart. I believe that this is a way to win back the hearts of the consumers. Often times, businesses get comfortable and forget the way they conducted service when they initially started out. As a result, their business spirals downhill and they find themselves back to the drawing board desperately strategizing on how to regain the consumers they have lost. The keys to changing customer requirements are to be passionate, to have love, and to make customers feel appreciated. Engaging all of these elements will redirect a downhill business to being a business going uphill.

From my understanding of the article concerning Tesco, I do not see that they have devised a marketing strategy generating profit in the United States. I say this because they want to improve in one area and neglect in another area. They fail to lower prices of their products in a country where the economy is at its lowest. They want to hire new employees instead of investing...
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